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Road tests

Welcome to our road test page. This is where we've tried a few of our products ourselves & written little reviews of them. It might give you some idea of whether you'd like to try them too.



Silicone Inserts from By Wishes

I went to a party with these in. If you're anything like me you'll have a few bras in your drawer that you bought when you were having a 'big' day, I hardly wear them because they make me feel like even more of a titless wonder than I already am, but I dragged one out & put the inserts in. Apart from an initial intake of breath-because they were cold, they soon warmed up! They really did make a difference & I was impressed with the results. I did tell everyone though which is probably not what you're meant to do. So give them a go and let us know what you think.
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Secrets By Wishes

These are bigger versions of the silicone shaper. I was worried they'd show but they didn't. Once they'd warmed up & I'd stopped crying, they more or less 'stuck' to my skin & didn't move at all. The main difference was that they made me stick out further whereas the silicone shapers lifted up what I'd got so gave me a better shelf - so to speak. I've got a collection of bras bought on hopeful days, so at least it gives me the option of wearing them & not just looking at them. It's cheaper than replacing those 5 bras anyway!
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Panache Gel filled Bras
We loved these, they make a whole cup difference. They're quite heavy to hold but didn't feel at all heavy when they were on much to our surprise. There's no worries that 'things' might fall out!. These have turned out to be our most popular bra and we're not surprised. I wore mine at my sister's wedding and for the first time in my life it felt like I'd actually got boobs! Panache have now changed their Atlantis range and have made the gel firmer and less liquidy than the original. The good news is they're much less likely to dent and they're lighter.
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